City Comfort.

Cities inherently sound the same…thus, even by sound we’re all connected. That’s comforting. What is it about being in a city, even one I’ve never been to previously, that makes me feel at home? What makes me feel connected to the guy in the business suit next to me, or the hurried sales girl in her 20-something chic? I’m a desert girl. I mean, I really am a desert girl. I grew up with coyotes, tarantulas, snakes, forts made from palm fronds & tumbleweeds, and road signs that said “beware of drifting sand.” If your head is tilting in wonder at that one…you’re not from the desert. Anyway, my person, my body, my soul feels at home in big cities. Head down, bundled up, iPod blaring, or head gazing up toward the architecture, sandal feet and the sound of wind bristling full summer trees…we are connected. It’s the same experience, this not-together togetherness, even if you’re wearing boots. It feels like a collective search for one’s self that comes out and thrives in the big city. Why is that?