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Good news for all you phenomenally patient wait-listers…I’ll be taking on new 1-on-1 clients ever so soon. I am knee deep in unveiling the newly updated + deeply life affirming PleasurePrinciple™ program, and oh joy does it promise to pack a life-seducing punch. New webbie and all! Zoinks!

For you newbies here…WELCOME + UBUNTU. Enlightenment is sexy, so is evolving. Jump aboard. Subscribe  + stay in the loop. Only truth + soul delivered to your inbox. Promise.


 Play With Dirt  1-on-1


Private Coaching with Karin


Why the heck “Play With Dirt” you ask? I exhaustively seek all things rooted in soul. Always been a seeker. A childhood friend affectionately named me “Dirt” – yep, like mud without the water. It’s my lifelong moniker appropriately summarizing my tomboy tendencies, my spontaneous geekdomhood and my organically sensual way of life. The way I see it…to really cultivate your soul, you’ve gotta dig in and get a little dirt-y.

If you have specific questions or can’t seem to get on the wait-list, send me an email with your compelling story. It takes courage to change. Brava. Now get dirt-y.



4 thoughts on “Join Me

  1. Hey Girl!
    I found you on twitter while following Mama Gina. Are you Sister Goddess Karin? Anyway, I run TeleSummits, and have one coming end of January 2013 called BRAG Your Stockings Off, which is all about bragging about ourselves, being our authentic selves, and would love to have you on to talk about and promote your Passion Principle Program. I don’t see an email address to contact you. So went this route! We’re a new KICKASS TeleWebseries company looking to share people just like you!
    What do you say? I think you have lots to brag about.

    Coach Catherine

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