New Moon Manifest.

The moon is chock full of fabulous energy.  Percolate on this for a moment…tides shift because of it, women menstruate on its cycle, wine tastes differently when harvested with the moon, and even scientists are trying to mine moon energy to use on our dying planet. So, if you are already open to the idea if manifesting new pleasures and dreams into your life…set your intention and let it establish roots. The new moon is about renewal, birth, re-birth, dreaming and growth. If you aren’t quite sure about all this witchy-woo-woo-mumbo-jumbo stuff, well, that’s okay but ask your self “what do I have to lose?” Then try. Just suspend disbelief long enough to dedicate a wish to the mysterious unseen forces that for certain exist in this world…and surrender. This dark side of the moon creates a fertile new ground to manifest a new direction in your life. Take a few moments to breathe deeply, easily and without strain, until you have some clarity of mind, then write your intention*. The written word carries more power – it just does. By the way, you have a full reign to write as many New Moon intentions as you would like. When ink has touched page and you’ve put your pen down, take another deep breathe. Exhale fully. Then release any worry, judgement or expectations around your intentions. Trust that your soul seeks to blossom toward the light and toward your greatest good. So after you’ve planted your New Moon seed(s), step out of the way and watch them grow. Dream big. Live long & prosper.

* A word to the wise…be careful what you ask for, you just might get it! Be sincere, be succinct. Write your intention in the present positive. Go.

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