Music = Love

Let’s make the universal assumption that music = love.

I am a music lover. Actually, I am an ever-so-gratefully-humbled-by-it music lover. The healing power of music has always been a relationship I could count on. The prevailing theme of my life has been the ability to process emotion and discover healing through a melody. Whether my path led me up a hill, dropped me into a Deep Forest or paralyzed me with Widespread Panic, there has always been a song to accompany my Journey. Those inner symphonies were the divine interventions of my protective and wise soul. Life’s moments where my body felt stagnant, the Pressure Point too much, or somehow soul was missing in the midst…it occurred to me that my ears were silent. Where was the music? Where was I? It won’t be a shocking revelation then to confess…when the iPod dropped from techno Heaven and into my lap, my world changed in a groove enchanted breath. Mr. Jobs hooked another enduring Apple product devotee quite simply because I could carry a thousand CD’s in my pocket. One huge Massive Attack on life as I knew it…are you kidding me with that kind of brilliance?! Instantly gone were the days where frustrated Tears For Fears longed to gyrate their sadness through my hips while I happened to be on a mountaintop. Every muscle in my face could now relax in the middle of a cacophonous public space because Beethoven was grounding me. And when love sweeps in I can evoke those butterflies over and over again without ridicule from listening to our new song for the 27th time in a row. A little slice of personal heaven delivered through my headphones.

As we grow, so does our capacity for musicality. The most emotionally driven section of our ever-morphing brain also happens to be the section where memories are held. Not shocking then is the seemingly out-of-nowhere reaction of tears that flow upon the first few chords of a song from our past. Toes tapping, hips gyrating, a gentle sweep of the head so the neck can stop Fighting Gravity and instead open an energy line directly to your spine and conduct a healing opus. That’s the body speaking. And that’s the body doing its work. So, if music=love, then go ahead and have a love affair. Entangle your self in an ongoing musical rapture; allow for the possibility that next time a beautiful up-swell of emotion or history comes screaming through your veins you can simply let go, and dance. Maybe you’ll discover The Cure that ails you, or maybe you’ll come Face To Face with your sometimes Faithless but all of a sudden Everclear self. Maybe that Primal Scream deep inside you will finally summon the courage to reach for that one sweet Kiss.

But can this type of Madness for music=love be shared? Of course it can. I often say to my Soultree staff and students “music is everything”. This probably isn’t the truest statement ever professed, but clearly in working with movement therapy and guiding soul-directed workshops I mean it…I really do. Not in the “music is life” kind of way that’s strewn about as some new age Cheap Trick; but in the way that what we listen to and how it affects us is the soundtrack of our lives. That is an absolute truth. For instance, try this: close your eyes, inhale a deep breath all the way to your pelvis, hold it there without tension just for a moment, turn off your outward listening ears and oblige your hearing to go inward for a moment. Random lyrics will pop into your head as if they are speaking to you or answering a question, and yes, like it or not, the story they are trying to tell speaks volumes about YOU! Now if you do want to get all new-age yet still stay somewhat technical, it might look something like this…I’m a Leo, which means (dependent upon which ancient philosopher / astrologer you ask) that my natural fourth on a musical scale is A. For a general connection to your heart chakra and to most benefit the healing sense of movement offered by music, put on compositions based in your natural fourth. Since we are talking about sharing the love…that would be the collective F for a room full of people as well as for an intimate table for two. I find that music very easily establishes a Collective Soul with a new love. It always helps to have something in Common, so why not something as important as the musical rhapsody of you! The Bee Gees, Go Gos, Bow Wow (or Bow Wow Wow for that matter) or any other randomly rhymed bands may all seem like a Bitter Sweet Blur now, but you still love them. So share your soul, open up to love, turn your speakers up to 11…and let the heart chakra love fest begin!

Inhale deeply into the Enigma of your ever-so-wise body, and exhale a little respect toward Ella, Etta, Elton and Elvis (both of them!). They have been the diligent excavators of your soul whether you knew it or not. Every note, every chord, every breath you take…let your body speak its own language and listen to your soul’s soundtrack. Love is just one booming symphonic Dervish of a song waiting around the next Curve. And seeing as I’m both a whole lotta soul yet still Naughty by Nature…I’m off to bake a wee bit of home-cooked-love, light a crackling fire and pick the perfect playlist for a little Late Night Sneaky with A Man Called

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  1. Great to meet you the other day kindred spirit. You are quite the light. I have Dave R. to thank. Also extra special is that we share the same mentor – “Schiffy”…love him. Love you. Look forward to seeing you again.

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