Give Thanks.

Even at the beach we’ve been fully immersed into this 2009 Autumn with cooler weather, warmer fires and a change in both time and light. Amazing how nature takes its course…and even more so how we naturally follow. Let your home be your sanctuary – light a fire, hear the kettle whistle, become mesmerized by the frost on the windows and the art it creates as the day warms. Invite sensuality into your living areas and bedrooms with candles…autumn colors and spicy fragrances incite all sorts of warm wishes. Votivo’s “Red Current” is often my go-to candle this time of year…breathe in the sultry spices. Hunker down and wrap your self with blankets of love, stacks of books and soft music playing loudly, and create your own space for Thanks & Giving.     Smile. Give Thanks. Be.

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