And So It Is…

WoW – What a phenomenally inspirational and unforgettable experience we shared in sultry Miami this past weekend. Thank you ladies for joining, and for co-creating a magnificent collective journey which is now cocooned deep in my heart. It didn’t simply feel like coming home…it was home. The experience fluffed off dust and shimmered light into the dark spaces where shadows found a place to hide. What a divine blessing, and on the Full Moon…the universe was abSOULutely unfolding. My ‘cup’ (after our Sunday night convo…I’m thinking ‘chalice’) is overflowing with wisdom, grace and abundance. Your strength and passion continue to inspire and amaze me – so I’ve penciled the calendar for another Miami weekend in June! I’m energized and excited at the thought of venturing forward with you and blossoming into our most authentic selves. We all have the potential for healing the body, the spirit, the soul, the heart. But sometimes forget. And that’s okay…as long as we also remind ourselves once again to remember. Breathe new light and new meaning into everything you do. Unleash the deep well of heartfelt passion you hold for your own healing and accept it’s gifts. Promise to live your best, most vibrant life in a body you respect and adore! I have worked long and hard to be in love with mine and make peace with the skin I live in. Your warm embracing hugs are still felt on my skin, and for that I am blessed and humbled beyond words. The sheer Wonder of Women…that’s the new WoW!

Unite, Learn, Dance, Grow & Love… Renew.

Massive smooches Ladies. Until June…breathe and be.  -Dirt  xo

Teaching Guide.

I have been out and about lately. Actually, not really getting my groove on or hitting up the club scene or any otherwise wacky behavior, but out. I’ve been trying new yoga and fusion classes, and what I’ve found to be the new universal truth…not all classes are created equal. Nor are instructors. I always felt it truth-bearing to call myself a “guide”. I do believe that I am a teacher in all its descriptions –  years of gained personal experiences, acquired wisdom handed down by generous mentors, certifications and degrees (the least important in my opinion), low-valleys of life transformed into peaks of insight, and most importantly the humble knowledge that teaching has nothing to do with the teacher and everything to do with the student. That being said, “guide” leaves the possibility for the students own sense of self to merely be led on a path where their authentic world unfolds. I like that.

Soultree Philosophy 101

Soultree philosophy 101 video: Karin (SoultreeDirt) discussing Soultree Philosophy, the importance of recognizing beauty from within and ultimately finding peace through both personal serenity and advocating for a global consciousness. Love yourself luxuriously. Seek honesty. Live passionately. Spread peace. Nurture each other. Share wisdom. Blossom. Be.

Dirt’s Soultree Transformation