Karin Is…

who I am + what I do


You found me, and I believe that proves the universe is unfolding. Or you Google like a rockstar.

I’m here to liberate your senses.

I’m here to cultivate your soul.

I’m here to give you permission to surrender to a life lived with passion. From your soul.

I want you to luxuriate in the simple poetics of everyday life.

I founded and thus became Inspiration Chief of Soultree Motion, Inc. and The Soultree Center. I work a stone’s throw to feet-loving sandy surf in Manhattan Beach, California…and yes, it doesn’t suck.

I’m a fiercely energetic single-mumma of two remarkable young men, yogini since age five, and a daily warrior against Lupus. I’m a pleasure pioneer + a relentless soul seeker. I teach movement as a method to unearthing the vibrant + mysterious human soul. I strive to live at the forefront of alternative thinking and guide my female clients to engage in a life inspired by my Pleasure Principles™. This philosophy of living is based on cultivating a passion for life, liberating the divine resource of the senses, and making abSOULutely™ authentic choices. I advocate the exploration of self through the enlightened poetics of everyday life. After all, women have 8,000 nerve endings dedicated to pleasure…why not use all of them!

I’m passionately involved as a Corporate Alliance Partner with Women for Women International, my Kiva Microlending Team and the TrueBodyProject. I vehemently believe that the world is becoming an enlightened collective consciousness…one woman at a time.

I live sustainably, but never forego beauty…or cashmere. I think cooking rocks, as does studying philosophy & Italian. When I’m not climbing trees or teaching barefoot…you’ll find me in stilettos.

We really are One. Be your own inspiration, then share.

 Live with Passion + Savour the Journey.

2 thoughts on “Karin Is…

  1. You’re so inspiring. You are an incredible woman, with an amazing purpose! Such a creative and heart-warming website. I’ll be lookin to play with dirt soon:)

    Keep doing you…it’s working:)

  2. ciao karin,
    mi amo il tuo website…. spero che posso vivere E lavorare vicino la spiaggia- fantastico!
    ho letto che tu anche studiando l’italiano… il mio italiano non e’ molto buono, ma provo!
    hai un buona notte!

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