91 Million Girls Are Waiting.

Have you ever been hungry for knowledge?        I mean really hungry?

This question became the pondering ah-hah-moment that linked my desire for learning to the palpable reality of what education looks like for the majority of our global sisters. With staggering statistics such as “out of the world’s 130 million out-of-school youth, 70 percent are girls,” it’s obvious that any additional family money beyond what is needed for food is not being put toward educating the girls in the house. Unbelievable right? That’s 91 million girls who want to go to school today, but nobody will let them. The truth should shake you. It did me.

I went to school. Did you?

When did you stop going to school?

Were you in the 1st Grade? The 5th grade? When?

Were you ever told that going to school was not available to you? Yeah, neither was I. Clearly it was a different country, a different birthright and a different time, but when my parents were struggling…I went to school. In fact, they never gave it a second thought…neither did I. Beyond the fact that I was lucky and privileged enough to be born in a country where a certain level of education was my right, my parents also inherently knew that education would offer me the chance to do anything, be anything, dream anything. And I did. I was hungry to become something, someday. I craved to live a life where I could somehow make a difference. But I also had no clue how privileged I was to actually have a support system behind me that would assure it would happen. So as much as I naturally yearned for learning, growing and becoming, the only real hunger I experienced was when I succumbed to the latest fad diet. It didn’t last and I didn’t need it. Not the same for education. Education needs to be at the forefront of our priorities. Feed that hunger and generations will be nourished.

This young woman was literally hungry for knowledge. And incredibly brave. Click, link, watch, then continue reading. Then take action.

Hungry now? Me too.

Anita’s story allowed me to reminisce and realize the sheer unknowing awe of my experience at the time in comparison to hers. I was blessed and beyond lucky to attend an all-girls school. Yep, all girls, all the time. Could Anita even imagine such a place exists? A place where girls sit in circles, told they are worth the effort, and being educated together. I hope so. She deserves it. All girls deserve it. Because of her courage and steadfast belief in the power of education, the girls in her village can dream of school as an option. Santa Catalina School was my home away from home during high school. It was like one big sleep over but with homework added…and it lasted for four years. What girl wouldn’t love that? And by the way I wasn’t “sent away” because I was unruly and incorrigible, but rather because my parents’ selflessly sent their daughter far away from them so she could be educated, well-read and empowHERed. Anita chose to defy her family, starve herself, take a government course and learn apiculture just for the attempt at a chance to be educated.

So let me ask you again…How hungry are you?

More importantly…Are you willing to feed the minds + lives of others? 

There is a viral and amazing idea that started today, and you can join it… The Girl Effect Blogging Campaign. Write something, share your thoughts or simply upload a video with a headline like “Change The World: One Girl At A Time” …and spread the love. Compassion has an urgency behind it. The time is now. Do something. I promise by the end of the day you’ll feel like a renewed and uplifted person. How could you not?! That “I’m being of service” energy will ripple across oceans, climb mountains, walk into villages and change lives…it’s called The Girl Effect. And it starts with YOU.

I would love to hear your thoughts, your inspiration, your ideas. Comment below + let’s keep the conversation going.

3 thoughts on “91 Million Girls Are Waiting.

  1. Lovely post Karin. It is truly wonderful to see the level of compassion that is out there. It makes me feel hopeful that the problems these girls face in many of these least developed countries can be addressed and solved through the compassion of people everywhere. Thank you for this lovely post and for continuing to generate momentum behind this noble effort.
    – Bibhuti

  2. Karin, beautiful post! So loving this campaign and the the difference we B-Schoolers can make. It was emotional writing my post … I’m guessing it was for you too? I have been hungry for knowledge all my life and I see learning as one of the greatest of life’s gifts. Amazing how easy it is to take for granted. Thanks for joining The Girl Effect Blogging Campaign and sharing this viral movement with your people! Honored to be on the journey with you! xoxo

  3. So powerfully and well written. I’m just in awe of how much today’s campaign has inspired so many of us to write and share and spread the word. My post just went up along with a dozen other Top Bloggers I know. It’s a day for miraculous change. And the miracle is you and me.

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